Driving You Crazy

E216 - Sure, go ahead an drive barefoot for all I care

September 29, 2021

Is It Illegal to Drive Without Shoes? This is a question that automotive writer Jason Unrau set out to answer in an article he has on Bumper.com and he joins me to talk about that as well as a ton of other car questions that come from his other Bumper.com articles. Also, the UK has run out of gas all because they can’t hire enough drivers to move it to the stations. All that and more on the Driving You Crazy Podcast. 


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Jayson: twitter.com/Denver7Traffic or www.facebook.com/JaysonLuberTrafficGuy 


Jason Unrau: http://automotivecopywriter.com/   Twitter: @JasonCopywriter

Articles: https://www.bumper.com/authors/jason-unrau/


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